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About Me

My Background

I'm a California artist who uses 3D modeling software, my camera and Photoshop as my main tools. I have a BA and MFA in art from San Jose State University. I have won multiple awards, shown at traditional art shows and Sci-fi / Fantasy Cons since the early 90’s, and have had my art on book covers and CDs. For the past 25 years I have made a living doing Graphic Design, illustration, photography, and music.   

My Medium

I am primarily a digital artist and photographer, but I have worked in other mediums, and presently use colored pencils to enhance some of my art. I believe that working in a single medium is restrictive to my artistic process and creativity. Each idea determines its individual style and presentation. In the past I have work in almost every artistic medium, but have settled on using my computer to transform my visions and ideas into digital images.

My Inspiration

  • For my sci-fi/fantasy work, I enjoy creating photo realistic images of things that don't exist. I'm influenced by movies and books.
  • With my Fine art, sometimes I'm experimenting or playing and a picture just happens.
  • I take photos to show things that are sometime overlook. I also manipulate some photos to make them look like traditional art. 

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