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Although these images are free they are still protected by copyright laws. You may use an image for a desktop background or print it for personal use. You are not allowed to sell this image or make make money from it in any form, nor are you allowed to present these images as your own. I have invested a lot of time and energy creating all the images on this web site, so please respect my talent and hard work. Thanks. I hope you enjoy what you see.

The free images will change so drop back for a visit.

To download a free image - click on the small image, a new browser window will open, click file from the tool bar at the top of the browser, choose "save image as" from the menu, change the file type from .jpg to .bmp and save the image to the windows folder (directory) or into the directory of your choice. Just close the browser window to continue viewing the other images.

To place image on your desktop (MS Windows) - Right click on the desktop, choose preferences and select the name of the image you just saved from the list of images under "desktop image".



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